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Cancellation: 2020 Nursestakedc conference & rally

Due to safety concerns for participants of the event, we regret to inform you that the NursesTakeDC 2020 event will be canceled. The NursesTakeDC event currently has 100 participants registered. Many facilities and conferences with large groups of people are being canceled and we expect to see that number rise. We do not wish for anyone to risk their own wellbeing.

We have also heard of facilities canceling large meetings and conferences which exceed more than 100 people. Some facilities have also made requirements that, while this doesn’t pertain to personal travel, employees would still be required to check-in with their facility’s occupation health department for a risk assessment and may end up quarantined for 14 days, using only personal earned time. Although we find this practice harsh, potentially not being paid for 14 days or having to use hard-earned personal leave time is an economic burden.  We do not wish unintended consequences for our political advocates.

With heavy heart, we came to this decision, and we want to alert everyone sooner than later so that you are able to make any adjustments in your schedules that you need to. We are discussing an online program, but there are many logistics to still be worked out.

We will let everyone know when that becomes an option. 


Thank you for your understanding,

The NursesTakeDC Organizing Team


In the meantime, we need to keep advocating and fighting for #SafePatientLimits!

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