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2020 event sponsors

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sponsor packages

Support OUR MISSION while promoting your brand to roughly one million medical professionals that you are a brand which supports civic and corporate citizenship. Our rally aims to save lives by: 

  • empowering nurses to advocate for patients, support systems and a superior level of health care our great nation deserves.

  • eliminating any doubt that the only way to eradicate this epidemic is to build a safer environment for patients, which includes setting policies that ensure adequate nursing coverage for patients, thereby decreasing patient morbidity and mortality.


Together we can stand on the right side of history, to change healthcare, unite nurses, providers, and patients to make healthcare better and safer for all.

Your #NursesTakeDC Rally sponsorship provides an ideal opportunity to support nurses on the front lines of patient care. Additionally, your support will contribute expenses directly associated with this rally, including audiovisual equipment, podium and stage equipment, table and chairs, online print production, and support of safe patient limits campaigns. We deeply appreciate our sponsors and have a variety packages for our events which offer visibility, recognition and other benefits.

Platinum Sponsor ($10,000)

  • XLG Logo & Link

  • 4 Post/week for 4 weeks on SMYS website, Facebook, & Twitter

  • 60 minute (or co-hosting Live-stream) about your organization on SYMS Live-stream

Bronze Sponsor ($2,500)

  • Small Logo & Link

  • 1 post/week for 4 weeks on SMYS website, Facebook, & Twitter

  • 1-2 minute mention of sponsor on SYMS Live-stream

Gold Sponsor ($7,500)

  • LG Logo & Link

  • 3 Post/week for 4 weeks on SMYS website, Facebook, & Twitter

  • 30 minute Live-stream about your organization on SYMS Live-stream

Supporting Sponsor ($1,000)

  • Sponsor named on SMYS website, Facebook, & Twitter

Silver Sponsor ($5,000)

  • Medium Log & Link

  • 2 Post/week for 4 weeks on SMYS website, Facebook, & Twitter

  • 5 minute mention of sponsor on SYMS Live-stream

Supporting Sponsor ($500)

  • Thank you!

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Select a Sponsor Package:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of #NursesTakeDC's 2020 Rally! We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss our collaboration.

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