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2020 Nursestakedc conference & rally

Nurses are the largest group of healthcare professionals, thusly, are the largest number of constituents to influence legislator voting on legislation. Research has shown a correlation that which nurses caring for a limited number of patients improves patient outcomes. Therefore, legislating adequate numbers of licensed nurses and support staff will save lives. Consequently, nurses must be educated on political advocacy in order to impact on this legislation. 

Day 1: Conference

2020, April 21st

The NTDC conference at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Alexandria Old-Town on April 21st will include concepts, educating nurses to expand their existing tool set of patient advocacy into strategies achieving nurse political advocacy. NTDC will provide speakers who can example the benefits of political nurse activism specific to a legislative proposal for 2020:  H.R. 2581 / S. 1357, amending the Public Health Service Act establishing direct care registered nurse-to-patient ratio requirements in hospitals. In short, the 2 day NTDC event will empower nurses who are eager to learn how to politically advocate for themselves and their patients.


We've secured special rates at the Holiday Inn for attendees. Learn more about our discount HERE.

Day 2: Rally

2020, April 22nd

An early 45 min Rally will take place at Permit Area 1, directly in front of the Capitol. It will be the impetus for nurses to meet with their legislators, with pre-arranged appointments. Information packets will be provided to nurses at the Conference to digest and then to disseminate to their legislators.

Need help preparing for the appointment with your Legislator? We put together Event Preparation documents to aid you!

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