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about nursestakedc

who are we?

  • We are the frontline of patient safety

  • We work in every healthcare setting

  • We practice at every nursing level of practice

  • We have union and non-union members

  • We belong to professional nursing organizations

  • We believe that healthcare facilities should have regulations limiting the number of patients each nurse can be assigned

why advocate?

  • We believe nurses are the foundation of the entire healthcare industry

  • We believe nurses have the collective power to create our preferred future

  • We believe we must stand up and do something for your patients & ourselves! 

  • We must end the status quo of unsafe nurse staffing! 

people over profits

We believe that people (patients and nurses) are far more valuable than industry profits. We asked the nurses around the United States what they wanted. They said, “Enough is enough”, they want safe work environments, they want safe patient ratios. Bedside nurses can not depend on hospitals or executives to make the changes needed to improve patient safety, reduce nurse burnout, and protect nurses from unsafe work environments.

  • Nurses are increasingly asked to do more with less. Patients lives are at risk. Your license is at risk. 

  • Hospital administration do not listen to us and CEO’s do not care. 

  • The legislation for national nurse to patient ratios has been stalled in the legislative process by big money and associations that do not care about our profession. We must let Washington know that no amount of money can drown out the passion of a fed up nurse.

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