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  1. Practice Environment Characteristics Associated With Missed Nursing Care

  2. Effect of Changes in Hospital Nursing Resources on Improvements in Patient Safety and Quality of Care

  3. Nurse staffing, nursing assistants and hospital mortality: retrospective longitudinal cohort study

  4. Decreased Nursing Staffing Adversely Affects Emergency Department Throughput Metrics

  5. Nurse staffing levels, missed vital signs observations and mortality in hospital wards:modelling the consequences and costs of variations in nurse staffing and skill mix.

  6. Missed Nursing Care: A Key Measure for Patient Safety

  7. Nurse staffing levels linked to reports of missed care in adult wards

  8. Patient satisfaction with hospital care and nurses in England: an observational study 

  9. The association between nurse staffing and omissions in nursing care: A systematic review

  10. Post-operative mortality, missed care and nurse staffing in nine countries: A T cross-sectional study 

  11. Description and factors associated with missed nursing care in an acute care community hospital